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Backend developer


We are seeking an experienced Python backend developer to join our development team.

Your mission will be to:
- Architect and optimize the backend for a cloud-deployed platform that integrates our open-source solutions, empowering users to leverage our models in a variety of applications.
- Build robust, scalable backend systems that support the integration of Mistral AI models into a range of use scenarios, such as chatbots, search engines, document processing, and more.
- Implement developer-centric tools, including performance dashboards and evaluation interfaces to enhance product interaction and monitoring capabilities.

The ideal candidate should possess:
- Proven experience in Python, with a strong focus on backend development in Django and/or FastAPI.
- Expertise in database technologies such as Postgres or Redis, with a keen eye for optimizing data storage and retrieval operations.
- A strong understanding of infrastructure, continuous integration, and continuous development principles.
- Interest in applying backend development skills to AI-driven solutions, potentially involving large language models.
- The ability to independently craft top-tier solutions focused on backend systems while considering the overall user experience.
- Eagerness to quickly adapt to emerging technologies within a dynamic development landscape.
- The desire to gain insights into AI software intricacies and contribute to the team with their backend development expertise.

The ideal candidate will play a pivotal role within our AI engineering team, collaborating closely with the team lead to drive the development and implementation of innovative products. You will contribute your backend expertise to shape the future of AI-powered applications, working alongside a dynamic team to turn vision into reality.

We value strong candidates with verifiable accomplishments.

Compensation: Salary starts at 80,000ā‚¬ and is commensurate with experience.

Join our team and contribute to the cutting-edge of AI application development with your backend expertise!
ā‚¬80,000 - ā‚¬100,000 a year
About Mistral AI

Mistral AI is a European company training large generative models for providing them to the industry. It releases the technology in a fully transparent way; a significant part of its IP is shared with permissive open-source software: Mistral AI intends to be a technical leader in the open-source generative AI community.

We're a small team, mostly composed of seasoned researchers and engineers in the field of AI. We like to work hard and to be at the edge of science. We are creative, low-ego, team-spirited, and have all been passionate about AI for years. We hire people that foster in competitive environments because they find them more fun to work in. We hire passionate women and men from all over the world.

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