Internship - Product Operations (Summer 2024) (NYC) at Hume AI

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Hume AI
Internship - Product Operations (Summer 2024) (NYC)
New York, New York, United States


Join Hume AI, a leader in human-centered AI technology, as a Product Operations Intern. In the heart of New York City, this role offers a unique blend of technical innovation, operational efficiency, and strategic growth, perfect for those passionate about product management and growth hacking. Engage in meaningful work that shapes AI applications in alignment with human values, addressing the most pivotal challenges (and opportunities) of the 21st century.

About Us

Hume AI is an AI research lab and startup that provides the AI toolkit to measure, understand, and improve how technology affects human emotion. Where other AI companies see only words, we see the other half of human communication: subtle tones of voice, word emphasis, facial expression, and more, along with the reactions of listeners. These behaviors reveal our preferencesā€”whether we find things interesting or boring; satisfying or frustrating; funny, eloquent, or dubious. Having been trained with billions of human expressions as feedback, our LLMs will serve as better question answerers, copywriters, tutors, call center agents, and more, even in text-only interfaces.

Our goal is to enable a future in which technology draws on an understanding of human emotional expression to better serve human goals and emotional well-being. We currently provide API access to our expression measurement models to researchers and developers building better healthcare solutions, digital assistants, communication tools, and more, who work with our AI tools to optimize their applications for usersā€™ preferences and values. As part of our mission, we also conduct groundbreaking scientific research, publish in leading scientific journals likeĀ Nature, and support a non-profit, The Hume Initiative, that has released the first concrete ethical guidelines for empathic AI ( You can learn more about us on our website ( and read about us inĀ AxiosĀ andĀ The Washington Post.Ā 


About the Role

As a Product Operations Intern, you will be at the core of operations and product development, with a focus on streamlining processes and growth marketing. You'll gain practical experience in analyzing market trends and user behavior, applying these insights to product development, and refining marketing strategies. Your role is critical in bridging the gap between our Engineering, Growth, and Operations teams, driving efficiency and informed decision-making.



  • Analyze product performance metrics to identify improvement areas.

  • Develop and refine innovative product features.

  • Collaborate on resolving technical issues and streamlining processes.

  • Support the implementation of effective growth marketing strategies.



  • Currently pursuing a degree in Business, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, or a related field with a strong technical background.

  • Demonstrated analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.

  • Familiarity with software development, data analysis tools, and digital marketing.

  • Proactive approach in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Startup experience is helpful.

  • Ability to work collaboratively in team settings.

Monthly Pay
$6,000ā€”$9,000 USD

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