Generative Media Solutions Engineer (Japanese fluency required) at Stability AI

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Stability AI
Generative Media Solutions Engineer (Japanese fluency required)
Tokyo, Japan


About Stability AI:
Stability AI is a community and mission driven, open-source artificial intelligence company that cares deeply about real-world implications and applications. Our most considerable advances grow from our diversity in working across multiple teams and disciplines. We are unafraid to go against established norms and explore creativity. We are motivated to generate breakthrough ideas and convert them into tangible solutions. Our vibrant communities consist of experts, leaders and partners across the globe who are developing cutting-edge open AI models for Image, Language, Audio, Video, 3D and Biology.

About Stability AI Japan:
We are very optimistic about opportunities for Japanese content and the Japan market, and so we are fully committed to serving Japanese creators, companies, and organizations. We will provide free and open models that incorporate Japan-specific datasets to the community as well as custom private models to clients and partners. Our current focus is on generative models related to images/video and text/chat.  

About the role:
We are looking for a versatile Solutions Engineer who can successfully manage and deliver software projects for our clients/partners. This role will work closely with other engineers and BizDev/sales, as well as directly collaborating with clients/partners. You will adapt quickly as we try various approaches to various industries in a fast-changing environment. You will have access to state-of-the-art high-performance computing resources, and you will be able to work with top talent in Japan and globally to truly make an impact in the fast-growing world of generative AI.


  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with clients/partners, identifying their needs and requirements and finding solutions to meet those needs
  • Take ownership of architecting, executing, and delivering software projects to clients/partners, including hands-on coding for model-fine tuning
  • Communicate with key client stakeholders to align expectations on the proposed solution. Write project proposals, manage technical evaluations, define solution architecture, facilitate product demonstrations, etc
  • Collaborate with other technical staff and help plan their work to ensure that projects are delivered in a highly satisfactory way that will lead to more business
  • Provide technical expertise/support/training to clients/partners; demonstrate to partners (such as cloud vendors and system integrators) how to use and fine-tune our models
  • Work closely with the BD/sales team to identify and pursue new business opportunities with existing clients
  • Speak at industry events to evangelize our models/products, build our brand, and network with potential clients/partners/users
  • Make good use of media (blog posts, podcasts, etc.) to make our solutions understood and appreciated by a broad audience


  • Fluent in spoken/written Japanese and business-level English
  • 6+ years of experience in the software industry and 3+ years of experience in a customer-facing (or partner-facing) technical role
  • 4+ years of programming experience, including 1+ years of ML engineering
  • Burning passion for AI generation of media such as images, videos, music
  • Experience with image/video AI workflow tools is a big plus (especially ComfyUI)
  • Experience owning and delivering entire projects to a client/partner from beginning to end with several past examples of successful delivery
  • Software project management experience
  • Strong teamwork and relationship management skills
  • Ability to quickly understand new technical topics and explain them to a non-technical audience
  • Excellent oral communication and writing skills - including comfort in front of large audiences



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